When a Desi Goes To USA For The First Time (Vlog)

Slayy Point

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    Indians in United States of America lol
    We vlogged our trip to America. Sorry for the poor audio quality. Mic bekaar nikala!
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    1. Slayy Point

      PAprom ko, hame USA bhejne ke liye, tahe dil se dhanyavaad :D

      1. Khadija Khan


      2. Bot Gamer


      3. Tamim Iqbal

        311 2mn3' rc

      4. Khawaja muzamil Hassan


      5. Akhilesh Singh

        Kahe jhuth bool rahe hoo. You tube ne tumhe USA bheeja nahi tha balki USA bulaya tha.

    2. •Beast Gamer• YoYo


    3. Parminder Sharma

      He is the hussain of the hotels of USA

    4. babli cooking channel


    5. adv.shivkumar mathpati

      But abhi Daya why you you want to learn English if you you know no how to speak English when you have go one world Observatory when they said you after one hour leave you have speak very nice English and Gautami also I also want to go America but I know English very well

    6. Bhavya Shaw

      11:39 family group name: lol family, members:- Dad iPhone Dad😰 Mom😭 Thirsty You 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Best family🔥

    7. Al Madani


    8. Irfana Begum

      9:30 bhai vo hand shower hai

    9. Sitanshu

      2:30 ha tu phele drawing kar le phir vlog baba na

    10. Meena Deshpande

      Have you guys removed the papperoni on that pizza before eating because papperoni is pork and we Indians don't eat that. please tell because it is in our religion.

    11. sangeeta Mohanty

      Is he your boyfriend

      1. s b

        no they are best friends

    12. Sorifa Begam

      Ap dono mein kuch to hai nahi to ap log ak hi room mein 8din the

    13. Bhavya Badhwar

      7:58 Gautami predicted coronavirus l, she is the only one wearing mask

    14. Venkatesh Kumar

      Cricket better hai

    15. Cloyester Brothers Gaming

      O bahi so funny 😂😂😂

    16. Avinash Thakur

      7:07 gautami reaction 🤣🤣🤣

    17. Arya Mishra

      They are copying rimorav vlogs

    18. TNT Gaming

      BIG FAN BHAI \

    19. Dhruv YT

      When you told about budjet I saw emirates

    20. Nabira Khan

      Literally when abhudaya said "which is 13-14 hours long" my captions said "which is 13-14 hours long (damn) like what?!?!? If you want to see it turn on captions and the number is 1:27

    21. X nooby craft bg


    22. Chirdeep Kaushik

      Ye Apple juice h bekaar dimaag waalo😂🤣👏 bahut bhadiya😊👍

    23. enakshi parua

      4:32 corona is there in the air thats why you started coughing😂😂😂😂

    24. enakshi parua

      1:09 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    25. Kabita Bhatta

      I like you but I don't like you I'm just joking like you

    26. Md Noshad

      donon ke donon pagal Jaise 😂😂😂 shakal ki

    27. Dhairya Sampat

      Nice vlog

    28. Safana Rinthy


    29. Jayashree Bapat

      Lol can't believe Guatami saved mom's named as Mom😭 lol

    30. cooking with shahnaz


    31. Poonam ashima


    32. Luther Marandi

      Gatami gali dia

    33. shilpy sota


    34. Gaurav M

      I love you saisha ❤️

    35. Jammu Rider

      Ads 😂😂😂

    36. Gautami Jujare

      gautami predicted covid-19 situation in 2019. i can watch their videos forever!!

      1. demon gaming

        Corona came in 2019 for your kind information

    37. Naitik Suneet

      Your subs should be 10 million

    38. shailesh nor

      Hi slayy point

    39. Aqsa aqsa

      They don't know what is voiceover

    40. {The Drak Dragon

      Ya lar ke kon ha Tara sat

    41. Rahul Sharma

      @Slayy Point

    42. Oishi Banerjee

      10:30... the dadaji face 😂😂

    43. Nupur Puddar

      Lol Who thinks lol like it? Lol

    44. Nitu Krishna


    45. yograj kalbhor

      Your WhatsApp group name is lol family 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. Protima Hazarika


    47. Diversified gamer

      12:09 savage "chirya".😂

    48. Prayank Das

      7:08 look at gautami reaction😂😂

    49. Prayank Das

      4:56 look at abhyudaya face

    50. O L

      I am seriously but I am not lieing that when I am watching your video I am not feeling that you aren't in NewYork 😂😂

    51. Ojas Chari

      0:48 I was listening that song before I came to this video. And also was about to listen after this video

    52. Praveen Kumar

      हमारे जैसे अभी तक ट्रेन में ही नहीं चढे तथा अभी तक गांव में खुले में शौच जा रहे हैं

    53. Pradeep Sharma

      Not Those Gta 5 Kids Would Get This But GTA 4 Men Would It Is Based In Liberty City

    54. Nagji Bhai

      You should make more vlog


      Ap ne apna cahra dekha ha kabhi 🙏 Oro ko bolte ho gande cahre 🙏 Video 4.08 🙏

    56. Gaurika Geethu

      I have visited all these places.

    57. Tahin Islam

      Window seat! 🥴

    58. ShantanuPlayZzz

      0:27 who were they?

      1. ShantanuPlayZzz

        @Techno Swarit thanks bro 🤜

      2. Techno Swarit

        Her mother and father


      Your vlogs are the best. I can watch it 1000 times without getting bored. Love your videos

    60. Dhwanit Ashar

      Gautami wore mask when corona was just a metre meme

    61. prasnna rawat

      He and she also feel 18 hours 😮😮😮😮😮😮

    62. Vishu Rungta

      India is way better than this place variety of foods temples ,places ,cultures

    63. 8ballpool Player

      How are you guys related

    64. 8ballpool Player

      Ameer ho gaye ho business class ahaha

    65. Oxyonda

      8:20 who else notices the nine-nine in the caption

    66. marinette dupain-cheng

      Bhai slay👌🏻

    67. KR GAMER

      10:14 kya scheme hai 😂😂

    68. riaz ali


    69. Oxus

      i have seen you with mythpat

    70. Arjun Kumar

      Best Vlog i have even seen till date.

    71. Don't read my Profile Picture

      Don't,read my name


      5:30 I just saw Jonny sins 😂😂😂😂


      Tum kya kar rahe ho slayy point

    74. DARK FIRE Gamer


    75. Anjum Khan

      People's are trash


      Ek aadhi baat toh abhiuday ne goutmi ki maar li hogi😂😂


      11:42 look at abhyudaya's mobile mom name with emoji cry

    78. Blxir Plxys

      Its so hard to get a heart from slayy point xD


      Without shower indian can't live ☹️☹️☹️


      You both always searching for bathroom in any vloging


      ur almost 4 million subscriber itss 3.99M subs

    82. sharda pathak

      There vlogs are so funny😄

    83. HVS

      Ek dum Desi log

    84. Jay Raj2

      Btw anybody watchjng this in 2021 lol

    85. Geeta Batham


    86. Debashree Biswal

      Wow 😍💐💐 💝 what comedy Guys

    87. chaarvi bansal

      please make more like these i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    88. Shivani Tiwari

      They are the most honest PApromrs inko dekh kar lgta hai jaise hum hi bahar ghum rahe... No show-off nothing.. P.s - i have a huge crush on abhyudaya

    89. Mustafa Ali Saif

      Please buy me iphone 12 Pro max please 🙏 😢 😭 😔 😫

    90. Jayesh moi


    91. Naman eiditing


    92. Rekha Tripathi

      I had watched this vlog almost 10 times

    93. Arun Iyer

      Are you to GF and BF

    94. Ujjwal Karwa

      5:06 The Only One

    95. nisha wadhiya

      Ashish also yay 🎉🥳🎉🥳

    96. op craft


    97. WD NOOR FF gaming

      Mera naam harnoor ha mara naam krab kar raha ha

    98. Aanish Khan

      4:58 what about tan cosec cot and sec

    99. Jas preet

      Jo lady ki ap photo kich rahe the vo little gloves ki mom hai or vo bhi tiktoker hai

    100. Gamer ZGAL

      Cause sometimes there dreams can’t come true