Weird Bollywood Superman Remakes You Didn't Know About

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    We watch and talk about funny bollywood superman action movies that deserve to win oscars.
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    1. Slayy Point

      Yeh movie Sholay aur Kala patthar jaise legendary action waali movies ke 10 SAAL BAAD bani thi xD Toh action scenes ke roast pe trigger nahi honeka, they could have genuinely done a better job, isiliye hamne research karke hi bola hai. Follow us on social media: Instagram- @slayypoint - Twitter- @slayypoint - Facebook- Gautami's Instagram and twitter- @gautamikawale Abhyudaya's Instagram- @abhyudaya_mohan Twitter- @AbhyudayaMohan

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      1:38 జై NTR❤️

    5. Hasnain Tinwala

      Fun fact: this was released on the same year Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

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      ldki gi awaj kitni tikhi h mere kan m drd hone lag gya

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      yrrr ldka or ldki gi awaj bhut ajeeb h

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      9:06 Baad ki sakti

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      I am fan of falcon.


      I was just trying my laugh.. But I couldn't and laughed out Loud! My mother was like "Ki holo chilachhis keno gadhar moto! " (Are kya hua, chillaya kyu gadhe ki tarah)😂 Superb! Keep it up! Loving it! ❤️

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      5:59 pause the video there and see the real Google result

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      Batman ne bachaya hoga

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      Are tum kon ho itna funny

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      See 10:00 on Captions on

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      4:28 turn on captions and see

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      Are u the brother of beastboyshubh . Your face is like beast boy shubh .😂

    18. Dakshkumar Prajapati

      In US Superman: - I am the strongest in whole DC universe 💪 In India (old) Superman:- I am the strangest in whole universe ( real)😶

    19. The Facts


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      Yeah mat kehana ki Shakti Kapoor lux luthor hai

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      Plss talk about super girl

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      Hey bhugvaan bollywood ne superman ko bhi nahi chhoda Home alone ki copy ki Harry Potter ki copy karke 'abra ka dabra ' Or Silence of the lamb ki copy kar mahesh chach ne movie banai thi

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      Toba toba saara mood kharab kar diya Christopher Reeve wali Superman dekhni padegi ab (1978) wali bad ke to bollywood se inspired hai

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      Ye Kya h ye Q h is perfect!!😂😂😂

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      What is the name of movie

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      But I like Hooper man

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      Have you watched the Kanha milk Spiderman movie?If not you are in for a surprise

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      8:34 to 8:45 LoL

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      3:17 LOL

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      Shakti? ?? Gta ViCity ka ek carector he

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      Hollywood kare toh thik bollywood kare toh🤔


      9:51 who thought bout parwty ho rhi hain.😂😂

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      I like flying jeat

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      9:01 Flying Cockroach

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      1:37 abey do you know who he is,he was a great actor in tollywood he died please give him respect

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      This chair belongs to Thughesh he got it on lease

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      oh god this is like the funniest slay point ive watched

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      That HooperMAN, XD

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      I have litrally have watched this video 15 times and l died laughing

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      My fav video so far ❤️

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      9:00 i was just going to die xD

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      1:58 do y'all know that this guy was the chief minister of AP .

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      Arey bhai movie ka naam to bata de punit issar wali superman movie ka. Mujhe shakti kapoor ka tharki wala scene dekhna hai.

    68. Sujen M

      Never make it to Telugu state, this is for you and that stupid looking curley dianasour second version of kangana. Abey thu kaisa hai dekha kabhi. They are all old actors and still managed to bring it to big screens idiots. Go and check his(NTR sir) movie Dana vira sura karna idiot and see his on screen performance.

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      who else went to search can mother earth become father earth

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      Acha thik hai namaste kar diya

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      Moral:india superman nahi bana sakti

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      Bruh you forgot Superman dancing with Spider-Man(Female). I cringed so hard that they couldn't differentiate between Marvel and DC. How did they allow them

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      Bhi maine Google kiya tou ye aya Why is it called mother earth not father earth? Because Earth is the only known place yet where life is possible in such complex form and is capable of enormous flora and fauna as it is being fertile. And we usually associate Mothers with fertility and a source of life.

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      Famous line "Dettol ke nashe" Made for these movies After their video😂

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      I have Much Much Better Ideas Now I Am Writing My 6 Super Hero Storyline Different From Marvel and Dc And Other Universes After My graduation I Work on This And Try To Entertain Others Wish me Imagination mein Bhi INDIA no 1 pe Ana Chahiye 😀😀

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