Video-Calling Strangers Gone Wrong

Slayy Point

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    We talk about the new types of apps that have started to become famous like MuMu, Azar, Hago, etc and we try them out.
    Couldn't make any new friends sadly.
    Girls to thi hi nahi to kya girlfriend banata..
    Azar App Funny Moments
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        No one... Litrally no one Me being bts army thinking they are armys too.

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      4:15 telugu

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      Khud ki Bajjati pr khud hi has rahe hai 😓 Bola tha kiya app ke baree main☺️ or nikala kiya💩💩

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      1:54 song name?


      Intro was so amazing 😂😂😂😂😂😁

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      10:37 Gautami is depressed by talking with these types of strangers 😂😂

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      best vedio ever i have seen

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      Me :- Gaaliya looks younger ? You Tube :- Because she is just 10 years old 🤷‍♂ Me again :- Why Abhishek have so many pimples on his face ? You Tube :- Which Abhishek 🤔 Me :- Yarrr...... Flow bigar diya. "Abhudhaya" . You Tube :- Ohhhh ! THAT OTHER GUY....😅

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      4:43 dhoka😶

    29. Bangladeshi Historical Places

      mumu is my sister

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      I was literally trying to skip ad at 0.36

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      11:14 me when watching triggered insaan

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      She is a flow stand comedy in future

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      Ending scared me.. For real

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      0:15 best part

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      Please try omegle

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      3.24. one of the silliest scenes

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        Dude they were telling that was she said that is break dance..😂 what is so silly about that

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      Depression ki awaaz kuch aesi hoti hai🤣🤣🤣

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      9:57 teri kamo ki Shaadi hone vali hai faaran ke saath, dahej free free free😂 Hasa chalo kuch to reaction diya. Movie ka name batao jisse idea lekar Maine comment kiya, actually ye scene dekh kar mujhe turant ush scene ki yaad aagayi

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      Abhyudaya is so cute

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      I can't believe that anyone of them who talked with Abhyudaya and Gautami don't know them

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      After seeing hago aap Me: are you comedy me

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