Embarrassing Childhood Photos (ROAST US)

Slayy Point

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    In this video we go through all the comments submitted by our subscribers on our Instagram and PAprom community post where we asked them to roast us based our old childhood funny pictures.
    We have reacted to the funniest comments and memes made on us by you guys.
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        Bhai free fire kelo n.a. please air use top kar ke booyah with gautami didi

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      0:45 no need to hide you can see pranshu kabra

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      3:55 the most funny laugh that make me laugh

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      Triggered insaan like your old pictures see

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      Why don’t you delete the pics?

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    13. Gaming with Nandini

      Fun fact: you are not here for the first time


      Bhai mai nahi roast kaif poungi because mera koi PAprom channel nahi mere bhai ke paas hai and that’s a gaming channel not a simple channel

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      Don't listen to them you are my favorites youtubers

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      Never judge a book by its cover

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      5:12 bhai 🍾 😂😂😂😂❤️

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      Did anyone notice that the title of the video was embarrassing childhood photos when you were about to click it, still you can search embarrassing childhood photos and u will find this photo



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    77. Gamer Virat

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